Am I the only one who noticed Simone Trumper in the back? God bless their mama.
I had a moment to really think about this. I want to get this off my chest.

How are you as humans NOT ashamed of your behavior? This is not meant to be applied to ALL of the alien fandom - just a vast majority of it. In particular those who ARE stalking the pages of Bill and Tom’s friends/family and their friend’s friends and friend’s families. That is lower than low. The worst part is that you are more than likely the very same girls that harass and torment LiesAngeles for following them and taking photos - keeping in mind he’s always tried to be respectful to the fans and never post personal information or locations of the twins until they’ve left. He’s never forced his way into their personal lives to such a degree that it’s now hurting innocent bystanders who have not signed up to sacrifice their lives and privacy for the sake of a friendship with Bill and Tom. With that, I’m also fairly certain that a lot of them are probably blissfully ignorant and unaware of their celebrity status anyways. Which is how I’m sure, Bill and Tom would like it to stay. That way these people AREN’T hurt or stalked and caught up in the drama that seems to needlessly follow the Tokio Hotel fandom. But the majority of the fans don’t make that possible. 

Have you ever paused for more than a second to think about why they keep so much from the fans or why they’ve taken such a long break from touring and press and having to deal with the fact they are celebrities? It’s probably because it taxes them so heavy when they have to do it anymore. It’s a blessing and a half that they have come so far. But the fact that it’s completely ruined their personal lives, and even crossed boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed - celebrity or not is a good enough reason to act the way they have been lately. How can anyone expect them to just up and sacrifice themselves to their fans when their fans have continuously let them down where it matters most? Sure we win awards and shit. But what would make them so much happier, make them more proud - would be to have fans that are going to support them and give them respect. Fans that make them feel like they don’t have to hide in a world behind a wall. 

They breathe, eat, shit, sleep, feel like you and me and every other human being. Why is that so easy to forget? If they were never famous - face it. You wouldn’t give a single fuck about who they dated, who their friends were, where they go, seeing pictures of them every day, what clothes they’re wearing, or how long it takes them to do anything. The only reason you care about it now is because they have money and people know their names. Meanwhile the fans who are just around for the music or because they think highly of the initial members of Tokio Hotel, are sitting here wishing secretly that the guys wouldn’t put out an album because as sucky as that would be… They might end up happier. They might be able to live a more normal and less stressful and depressing life. Because some of us actually care about their health and happiness and understand that when they step off that stage they are mortal and do normal mortal things like the rest of us.

All I ever see on the tumblr tags anymore is people talking about how,
they’ve let themselves go, or that they look sad. Of course they look sad. Their mother has been attacked by psycho fans. They’ve had a home broken into. Their own father sold them out to the media. All the friends they’ve ever gained have had to completely alter their lives and the way they go about things in order to protect not just Bill and Tom, but themselves and their friends and families too. Gustav’s had the shit beaten out of him. Now, Tom can’t have a real girlfriend without everyone passing judgement over her and creating hate pages. Hate pages for someone who initially hasn’t said one word in correspondence to the fans despite their endless onslaught of hate mail and threats towards her. The only times we’ve even heard her talk have been heard amidst some photographer following her and the Kaulitz family - in which she was polite and begged him not to upset Tom by publishing the photos of them together. The other time was from short videos of the beauty pageants she was in. How is that even enough substantial evidence to prove she’s a gold-digger? Then people criticize Tom for staying with her. Questioning his judgement and whether or not he has the ability to think for himself. Which doesn’t even sound like something a good fan who’s supposed to support and look up to him. should do.

Now everyone has an opinion on Bill’s piercings and tattoos, the way he styles his hair, or whether or not he shaves. You don’t have to like any of it, but you don’t have to stomp on his personal tastes to get a point across either. All you have to do is say, “Well, it’s not personally something I’m into but if he enjoys it so be it.”. You don’t own him, you don’t have a right to say what he can and cannot do with his body just as he can’t tell you what you can and can’t do with yours. How would it make you feel if he came up to you and said, “Your hair looks stupid. Fix it.”? Or what if he said, “Damn, you’re getting fat. Time to lose some weight.”. I bet it would hurt like hell firstly then really make you think of him as a jerk. That’s what you’re being when you say things like that about him. It makes you a jerk, and you know it. You just don’t dare to admit it. 

You don’t know him, and because you don’t know him - you play no significant role in his life or how he lives it. Therefore, you’re also in no position to encourage or discourage him from doing whatever he damn well pleases, whenever he’s pleased to do it.

It’s really sick and saddening that Bill couldn’t even spend a Holiday like the rest of us with people he cares about in whatever aspect he cares about them, (Which BTW: Alex Claster has a girlfriend named Katie Theofilos. He has been with her for a long time and they are in fact living together. Katie and Alex both own T-Squad and Katie is even seen in one of the pictures with Bill from Thanksgiving. Not to mention countless other photos like last year on Halloween and for New Years.)  without being called gay or being judged for having another tattoo. Which is bad enough to do, without adding in the fact that whoever posted the photos for everyone else - stole private and personal photos OFF of someone in Alex’s family’s facebook. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so low. Do you really have no shame, no heart, or any damn respect for those people you claim to admire? Because you don’t act like it at all. 

I’m sure if they were at a funeral for someone in their family, you’d find a way to sneak in somehow just so you could get photos of them. 

The endless harassment needs to stop. They deserve a lot better than the way we’ve been treating them. Is it so hard to consider giving them the same respect and privacy that you or even I would want from day to day?

Really just take some time and think that question over. 

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